Drone & General Property Photography Services - Including Contract Surveys. Stored Waypoint Missions, Marketing Photography. A bespoke, local customer focussed service.

Save Money and Gain Awareness of Problems with an industrial roof survey

Aerial drone photography and video footage

Photography & Videography for Print, Promos and Social Media. Hi Resolution basic colour graded JPG Photos (RAW Files & Brackets available) plus basic edited 4K footage from £149 - Roof Surveys from £199.  Also available on contract - stored programmed waypoint flight paths for progress / monitoring / visual audit and Interval reporting with up to 5.1k video and hi resolution photography.  Waypoint flight paths can include multi-altitude, multi zoom, point of interest zones. Travel costs applicable beyond Felixstowe/Ipswich area. Contact us

NB:- Roofing photography due to current CAA regulations. Urban areas where there may be uninvolved people within 50 metres a sub 250g 4k video with 48Mp drone can be used (see above for quality). For larger sites ie: farm, mansion, industrial compounds where notification can be given to all persons in the 50m vicinity and appropriate safety assessments addressed, a larger machine with telescopic lens for very close up highly detailed imagery can be used. Commercial insurance coverage is included.

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